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Enjoy these three essential oil remedies that women of are raving about: Poise to balance hormones and menopausal mood swings; Compose to lessen the effects of hot flashes and prickly heat; and Serene to calm emotions and overcome night sweats and insomnia. This Kit is great for pubescent teens as well as men for balancing hormones naturally.


Essential Tip From Elizabeth


Use Serene, Poise and Compose daily for at least two months. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your hormonal functions and body-mind balance.


Essential Oil Ingredients


Try these menopause must haves: Poise, Compose and Serene


The Story Behind This Blend


We had so many requests for hormone-balancing products that it only made sense to combine Serene, Poise and Compose into this convenient, cost-effective Kit.

MenoPoise Essentials Kit


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